Websites…what a pain in the arse.

Am I right or am I right? As most of you know I have had an author website since before I even started this gig.

Actually, in case you didn’t know I started in the industry waayyy back in 2015 with my book blog Hello, Chicklit. I reviewed chicklit, romcom, romance, and some women’s fiction. I ran that blog through a couple of name changes all the way up until my first book published in 2018. I learned SO much. And met so many amazing book bloggers and lovers that I seriously miss conversing with as much as I once did.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t learn back then was what a pain in the ass websites can sometimes be. I’ve learned that over the last six months when my author site was hijacked and taken over and despite all my and HostGator’s best efforts even the URL was infected so we had to toss it to the wayside and start fresh. To my surprise, my name was already taken as a website by someone else, and adding a bunch of unnecessary words didn’t make sense so… I’ve decided to combine my two loves, book blogging AND writing all in one big fancy website called… M.F.E.O. Romance.

That’s right, I stole the acronym straight from the romcom movie that started my love of romcom to begin with at the ripe old age of 14. Sleepless in Seattle. The best Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Nora Ephron movie evah.

In case you didn’t read my header image MFEO stands for ‘Made For Each Other’ and what’s more perfect for a romance book and author website? Nothing if you ask me!

So here we are. A day into building my website, everything is locked up like Fort Knox, all safe and secure so no hackers can get in and I’m posting my very first post on the 4th of July. I didn’t even curse that much as I put it all together. Shocker!

What will I be posting? I hear ya, especially considering that over the last few years I haven’t been posting much of anything on my author blog because in all honesty I hate, HATE, H-A-T-E talking about myself and focusing posts on my ideas and life. I’m learning to get over that. I’m just as important as anyone else and if I ever want to be the big famous author (ha!) I dream of I’ll get over myself and just post shit. So, to answer your question (that you never even asked) I’ll be posting a couple of book reviews a month (I am NOT opening for requests, I will be choosing books I WANT to read and review those. All reviews will be within the romcom/chicklit/contemp romance genres that we all I know I so love.) writing advice, reading advice, and I will force myself to post all about my life shenanigans including my crazy cats, crazy plant lady tendencies, vintage/sometimes thrifted (why, WHY does WordPress want to change the word thrifted to thrusted? lol) decor, music, organizing my home, my 80s toy collection, my family, and life in Montana.

Let the fun begin, eh? For now though, I’m back to writing book 4 (which I am in LOVE with right now) and that I’m forcing myself to finally finish by July 31st. Wish me luck, I actually plotted and outlined this one. (Say what? my pantser self asks again. Who even am I?)

Also… because I can’t leave without mentioning my upcoming release (09.17.20) book 3, Love Me Like You Do, the ever requested ‘Liam’ (from The Lucky Dress/Little Gray Dress) book is now up for preorder!! Check out the ‘my books‘ page (or click the book cover over there <<) for info and links. Grab a copy now (pretty please with sugar on top? Every pre-order helps my ranking and tells Amazon it will not be a dud! lol).

Let me know what you think of my new site in the comments below.


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