New Office Reveal

Hi! So… when my daughter moved out a few years ago, I decided to make her room into my dedicated office space. Then she moved back in. Then she moved out, and then… you guessed it, back in. Nooooow… she’s out for good and in a totally different state, so I decided to take my office back. It took me a bit to get things the way I wanted, mostly because I am unfortunately not made of money (I have hopes one day I will be) but I’m just about done and didn’t want to wait to reveal it any longer!

So, without further delay… da-da-da- my office! (pretend like it doesn’t need painted, I haven’t had the time yet, hopefully this winter I will have one vibrant pink wall, and three gray walls).

Is that not the cutest damn thing you ever did see!? I am absolutely in love with it. Colorful, quirky, and all about getting shit done (or spending hour upon hour on social media and wishing later I’d have actually had gotten shit done).

Billy lives in the corner and watches me as I work and even though you can’t see it in the photo, the spot in front of my desk is where my exercise bike taunts me, and where a giant 24×36 empty frame reminds me I got ripped off on Etsy (print now finally coming from a different company, I’ll update with a photo when it’s eventually here).

There are quite a few things in here that remind me of the characters I’ve written. Can you find them? And I have a shelf practically empty (besides artwork) that I will fill to the brim with treasures I find from my favorite city, Portland, and cities my books take place in in the future (Seattle!).

Having a dedicated office space really helps me concentrate on working, as opposed to watching true crime or ghost hunting videos on YouTube all day (that’s what my iPad is for). It’s so nice to walk in and feel like I can be productive in a beautiful space that feels fresh, airy, and fun.

How do you write? Or work?

What do you think? Can you find the nods towards my books?

Tell me in the comments below!

*next post, a book review!

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