Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Aimee Brown and I’m a romantic comedy author. I’m so happy to ‘meet’ you!

I’ll be using this page to blog about everything romance. If a leading couple is M.F.E.O. (Made For Each Other – never heard of this? You should really watch Sleepless in Seattle, the romcom that started my romcom obsession as a teen.) then I’ll probably be chatting about it here. I’ll be posting all kinds of things, author things, book reviews, romance schmomance everything! Have a topic request? Send me an email over on my contact page.

I write ‘sweet’ romance based in Portland, Oregon with real language ( I’m sweary!) and life issues (mental health). My books have zero sex (or closed door) but have all the feels of those classic 90s romcoms.

I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for nearly 25 years (trust me, that’s long!). We have three children, ages 22, 21, & 16. We are originally from Oregon but now live in Montana! I’m a crazy cat and plant lady and a total homebody. I’d love to hear from you!

You can find me at the following social media accounts:

If you’d like to contact me, you may do so by sending me an email (<copy this email address into your email address bar) or using my contact page (<click here to go there now)

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to hear from you soon!

Author Details

Here is all that professional stuff you’re looking for.

Author Name: Aimee Brown
Aria Fiction/Head of Zeus
Books now available:
The Lucky Dress – released 2018
The Last Dance – released 2019
Love Me Like You Do – releasing 09/17/2020

Commonly asked questions:

-I’d like more info on rights for one of your books. Who owns the rights for?
: I do! And all of my books are free for a film rights option just contact me (<right click and copy email address here) and title your email ‘book title’ Film Option Inquiry.
Foreign: Aria Fiction/Head of Zeus owns these rights. Please contact me (<right click and copy email address here) and I’ll forward your email onto the right people at Aria.
Audio: Audio rights are available for The Last Dance and Love Me Like You Do at this moment in time. Aria Fiction/Head of Zeus owns these rights. Please contact me (<right click and copy email address here) and I’ll forward your email onto the right people at Aria.

-How can I read and review one of your books on my blog?
I’d love to have you read and review any of my books on your blog. Honest reviews welcome! I really hope you love my books, but if you don’t, that’s OK too! I completely understand that not everyone will love my books. Just use my contact page (<that’s a link!) to request an e-copy (print books not available at this time) of any of my books.
I’d also request that you copy and paste your review to Amazon, as that’s how Amazon decides to show your book to more potential readers AND how they rank you on the bestseller lists. And thank you for even considering it! Happy reading!

-Would you be willing to do a post on my book blog? How about a giveaway?
I would love this! If you have a topic in mind send me the request via my contact page (<that’s a link!). I am happy to also do an e-book giveaway as well. Paperback giveaway’s sometimes available as well depending on my stock.

-How can I buy a signed paperback copy of your books?
Signed paperback copies of any of my books can be ordered through me and cost $25 (shipping included within the USA). Just send me a request through my contact page (<that’s a link!) and I will bill via Paypal or Square invoicing (no account necessary), whichever is easiest for you. And thank you!

Any other questions are welcomed to be sent through my contact me page (<that’s a link!). Please no love letters, sales pitches or unkind complaints (if you didn’t like the book that’s OK, I don’t need to know, I can’t rewrite it to meet your likes.)